Shincheonji bible study – Yet to know more

Book of scriptures study is significant in the lives of Christians. Book of scriptures study is important to empower us to comprehend God profoundly. Without contemplating the book of scriptures, we would not really comprehend the affection for God. So how are we to consider the holy book? To start with, we should comprehend to examine the holy book appropriately; we should incline toward the direction of the Essence of God. The book of scriptures is an otherworldly book with concealed astuteness contained in that. To comprehend otherworldly astuteness, we should contemplate the book of scriptures with the direction of the Essence of God. The characteristic psyche cannot comprehend the holy book. We cannot utilize regular shrewdness to decipher the holy book. When examining the book of scriptures, we should permit the soul of God to direct us into all fact.

There are numerous on the planet today who accepts they comprehend the holy book. In any case, they decipher the book of scriptures dependent on regular shrewdness. Notwithstanding, examining the good book with common astuteness would not benefit us. We should open the otherworldly shrewdness of God\’s assertion. To do this, we should tune in to the soul of God. There are a wide range of sections in Christianity today. A considerable lot of these divisions originate from ill-advised book of scriptures study.


The holy book likewise lets us know, we should properly partition the expression of truth in book of scriptures study. How would we isolate the expression of God? We isolate the expression of God by watchwords. To examine the holy book appropriately, we should partake in watchword study. To do this, we search for specific words in Shincheonji bible study entries. We at that point utilize a concordance to discover this word in different sacred writings. We at that point study the sections with the catchphrases contained in that. This causes us to perceive what God is truly attempting to let us know. We should consider the expression of God with the word reference of God. This implies we cannot characterize the words in the holy book dependent on our normal intelligence. We should look to the sacred writing to perceive how God characterizes certain words. For instance, cautious book of scriptures study will uncover to us that fire in the holy book speaks to the Essence of God. In this way, when we see the word fire in the good book, we realize it is characterized as the Essence of God on numerous events. We cannot characterize fire as what we know normally.

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