How Indian Music Gave Birth To International Healing Frequencies

Music is one in all the foremost lovely natural thanks to eudaemonia and healing. Science has verified the impact music has on our mind, body, and soul. it\’s currently being extensively applied in bioscience as an associate adjunct to alternate medical care in leading attention centres in Asian nations and abroad. particularly Indian serious music and healing frequenciesare meant in such the simplest way that the musical notes, ragas, and mantras if detected or sung in a very prescribed manner below the supervising of a trained music healer, are often effective in preventing and activity several life vogues connected issues. Stress is one of all the main causes of all health issues we tend to face.

Experiment Conducted

An experiment was conducted with a gaggle of twenty adults (40-45 years of age) and twenty youngsters (10-15 years of age). They got active further as passive music medical care for fifteen minutes for fifteen days. Inactive music medical care they were created to concentrate on associate omkar music clip recorded by Shri Govind Saraswathi. In passive music medical care, they were created to sing omkar and various healing frequencies alongside the music clip in a very prescribed manner. Result 100 % of the adults and kids felt relaxed and destressed once paying attention to mother are clip was given to them for fifteen minutes for fifteen days. each adult and kid showed tidy improvement in respiration rate, heart rate, concentration and positive thinking.

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