Know all about planted aquarium lighting

The LED bar on the tank below was custom-built for this tank by BML. Red, blue, and warm white LEDs and neutral white LEDs are employed in the lighting. The LED bar has a narrow 45-degree lens to obtain the vast space above the tank needed for trimming without having to reposition the lights. However, we can cultivate demanding carpeting plants despite a light bar only 34 inches from the tank bottom. This article will clarify all your questions regarding planted aquarium lighting.

Our aquascape demands may be met by customizing our fixtures. Because the light is just 75 watts, it doesn\’t need to be particularly powerful to get the job done. Instead, the light is focused on the tank\’s bottom using a 25-degree lens. Lowering the light to this position will not work since it will not illuminate the whole tank.

BML lights Dennis Wong

The lighting influences everything in an aquarium, including plant coloring, growth rates, and the ability to manage algae. We must identify the appropriate intensity and color spectrum and cut through the scientific jargon that is often used in this context.

Misinformation and marketing gimmicks abound when it comes to aquarium lighting. For example, the idea that 6500K is an \”ideal\” spectrum is incorrect; my light above is rated at 3600K, which is significantly different from a plain 6500K light. We have also grown tanks in which we used 12000K lights, which are significantly different from my example. To determine if a light may be used to grow plants, the K rating does not matter.

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