Unmasking the Future: Inside iPhone 15 Pro\’s Promising Upgrades

Apple will likely introduce an iPhone 15 Pro and its counterparts in September. The new model is likely to feature a number of notable enhancements, such as USB-C, smaller bezels and rounded edges along with Dynamic Island at the top.

The other thing that\’s being rumored is a darker blue color alternative and a button for action instead of the switch to mute. Let\’s glimpse at the features we\’re expecting this time.


The iPhone 15 Pro is rumored to feature a number of big changes, including a larger battery size, better processor, upgraded memory, and a camera with the most lens-based zoom Apple has ever had. Other rumors suggest an even more durable titanium frame and a more modern screen.

While Apple changed its mind about Touch ID last year, there is speculation that there is a possibility that the iPhone 15 Pro will return to it. One of the most reliable sources of Apple leaks is analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, claims the 2023 iPhone will include an on-screen Touch ID sensor that works by utilizing the display (Apple has a patent for an in-screen sensor).

Another change expected to be included is the addition of a second rear camera, allowing for 3X optical zoom. Additionally, Apple may offer 2TB of storage in the iPhone 15 Pro, which would be the most of any device to date. Finally, the ultrawide-band chip enabling more advanced tracking features might get an upgrade. It is believed that improvements to energy efficiency are expected to help decrease the power consumption of batteries, which is one of the biggest problems with currently available iPhones.

Color Options

The iPhone 15 Pro will come in various hues, according to a variety of speculations. Generally, Apple has more modern and youthful colors for the standard iPhone range, while models with Pro branding offer more serious and deeper colors.

The new iphone 15 pro, a crimson red finish is rumored to replace the present dark blue option accessible on Pro-branded smartphones. The hue is said to be identical to the one that came on the Ferrari 2022 F1 car and will be quite eye-catching.

A light green choice will also be made available as an additional shade for an iPhone 15 Pro. This shade would be quite different than the yellow and pink shades available at present by Apple. An rumor on 9to5Mac claimed that these two colors will be available alongside them with the Midnight, Starlight, and [Product]RED options that will likely make an appearance this year.

The Pro-branded iPhones can also be offered with silver finishes that look elegant and polished. However, it is not as eye-catching or in-your-face as the other colors. Furthermore, a titanium gray finish could take over gold as the most popular option for the Pro-branded iPhones this year because Apple is expected to use titanium for its chassis. The color will match well with the new chassis and should look very premium as a result.

Technological Advancements

Apple\’s 2023 iPhone 15 models are expected to feature a variety of technological advancements. A few of these are thought to be offered across the entire range of iPhone 15 models while others are exclusive to the Pro versions.

A leaked set of CAD designs from ShrimpApplePro reveal that the Pro models will feature the new volume button that is unified instead of two separate buttons and A new mute switch which\’s customizable like it\’s Action Button on the Apple Watch Ultra. The Pro versions will also receive the upgrade of 6GB of RAM and a more powerful Apple developed modem processor.

The other major shift will be the move to USB-C in every Apple\’s 2023 iPhone 15 models. The reason for this is a new law that requires Apple to implement the change for Europe. The Pro versions of iPhone 15 will also get the Dynamic Island. iPhone 15 will also get the Dynamic Island and an even larger display, as per reports.

Apple is also working on an innovative type of OLED screen which could be accessible in 2023\’s iPhone 15. This is known as the micro LED display and will be more vibrant in color as well as power efficiency. This isn\’t likely to become an integral feature in the iPhone 15 and could be considered as an option in the event of an ultra-premium smartphone.

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