What are the types of implants?

Dental implants are most advanced way of replacement of teeth. Initially there are few options like placement of bridges. In bridges the adjacent teeth are dental implant and crown cut and reduced in size. We need to take measurements for it and we should get them corrected. So then after we should adjust them. There are many minimal options for placing bridges. They may not last for longer duration. After ten long years they may get lodged with food. So very old traditional method is removable denture. We can place the teeth denture on to the teeth and we should get it cleaned every time. This removable us harm less.


But many feels so discomfort using the denture. So the advanced one is placing implants. Implants are modern technology that the screw type of thing is placed into the bone as the implants are made of nickel and titanium one they easily makes integration with bone. Integration with bone is most important. The implants are designed in such a way that they should form good bonding with bone. Then the tooth can placed on the implant. The implants are usually done by implantologists. This should be placed at an anatomical land mark. The land mark should be so appropriate that this should be pinched  and punched into the bone. The land marks differ in different places. There are free sensitive places we should not place implants. If done they will fail. So in such cases we should be careful.

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